What is Puddletown Talent?

Puddletown Talent is a Portland talent agency just for infants, kids, teens and young adults! We represent boys and girls from infancy on up old for both print and on-camera work.

What does a talent agent do?

A talent agent’s job is to get work for their talent by submitting for as many job opportunities that are available. When Puddletown Talent gets contacted by a client, we negotiate the rates, usage, etc. and make the best deal for the model. The agent’s role is primarily the middleman between the hiring client and the talent booking the job.

What does it cost to have an agent?

Agents receive a commission depending on the type of job booked. Puddletown Talent only makes money when their talent makes money!

What kind of experience do I need to be represented by Puddletown Talent?

We work with experienced talent as well as those who are brand new to the industry. Everyone starts somewhere and we welcome talent submissions from anyone and everyone.

What about Pictures?

Yes! You’ve got to have them! Pictures are your business cards. This is an industry standard. If you are new to the industry it is a good idea to wait on the whole picture process until you have representation.

We do not facilitate the photo shoot process, however we can offer some excellent referrals of photographers whose experience is highly revered in the business. Once the photos are taken, Puddletown Talent will work closely with the talent to decide which images will be used for their representation.

What about classes?

Not at Puddletown Talent!  We are neither a training center nor a school. There are, however, training centers and workshops offered in the Portland area, and it is up to you whether you would like to take part in them.

How do I submit myself to Puddletown Talent?

Please see our Submissions page!